Evidence of Nibiru

August 24, 2009

Evidence of Nibiru and Information on the 12th Passing in March 2012

The Crop Circles

  Nibirus Tractoring
Nibiru has a tail of moons and debris, and occasionally a planet.  Taking a planet from one system and dumping it in another.
Starting from top
Earths Moon
Mars and Earth
Ensouled species (sphere and ring)
Nibiru –  second large ring
Reptilian world  – large ring.  That has attached itself to Nibiru
Eleven Planets that Nibiru has tractored
And the small depiction at the bottom is Nibiru tractoring a tail.

Misrepresentation and Propaganda
If there are inhabited planets relatively close together in a galaxy, the Annanuki will misrepresent and propagandise  themselves (as that is what they do).  The close thick sphere is ‘deference’ and the symbol in the centre is ‘regulate’.

The Two Universes of the Reptilian
The dragon realms are from an ancient and now Ascended Universe.  There is one dragon realm who has found a way to access this present Universe through portals and implants.

  Planets defer to Nibiru
Large sphere = Nibiru,  holding down deference
2 thick rings are ‘deference’
This deference causes planets and all species to become less.  Depicted by the small spheres.

  Insignia of the Annanuki

How Nibiru Collects Uranium
* Top right is Nibiru, and its curved trail of moons and debris (and is how Nibiru is portrayed in other circles)
* The curved line in front of Nibiru, is a ‘curse’ symbol.
Now this is also saying that EarthHumans have been cursed by Nibiru.  So in deeper introspection, one can reveal these curses by Nibiru, and resolve.
* The first sphere is depicting how Nibiru uses suns to enter and exit galaxies
* The small square are depicting nuclear/radio active.  Crop circles with squares or boxes also.
Nibirus energy source is nuclear power.  And the reason it interferes with planets, to collect as much uranium as possible.  It is also how other worlds and planets have become poisoned, through excess use.
Nibiru also ejects its waste as it travels around the Universe.
* The 2 small circles are depicting the 2 methods of retreiving by Nibiru.  a) if the planet is untechnologicol, yet able to mine Uranium, Nibiru sends its smaller craft to the planet to collect.
b) If the planet has an element of space travel or technologicol expertise,  it will rendevous with Nibiru.
* The last little picture is showing the outcome of science prevailing and separation.  Nuclear energy shatters the etheric – the other dimensions.  The planet will then become technologicol, and science oriented.  May even construct spaceships to have inconsequential and irrelevant journies through space.

Nibiru and its Eliptical Orbit

Nibirus 7 Craft Vanguard
Nibiru has many smaller craft.  This crop circle depicts the use of these smaller craft, to harvest whatever they need from other worlds.  Nibiru is an unsustainable and unselfsustaining.  It requires water and minerals from other planets.
The vanguard will be the first contact a planet has with Nibiru

  A Nibiruan Curse
Tantamount to a shutdown of information.   The curse is activated as Nibiru comes in front of the Sun,to make the human vacant, inactive, not interested, therefore no action to prepare.

Breaking Free from the Annanuki
First we become free when we know truth.
The Annanuki were the greek gods, from Nibiru,  and the greek gods created mayhem – karma.
Humanity is now the future ancestors of these people, whether we are indigenous, white, black, brindle.
The pattern around the outside is called a ‘greek key’.
The KEYS are in the same area as the pattern – the open windows and the 12 small marks.
The 12 small marks are REPEATS
* 12 REPEATS OPENS A CLEAR OR CLEAN  WINDOW (FOR EARTH) As she is cleansed in this period.
* 12 REPEATS THEN A PERIOD OF DARKNESS  (FOR HUMANITY). Humans that have no communion with the spiritual realms, do not know how to make themselves safe in this period of darkness.

The central pattern of wings and rays, is Nibiru. Who creates this period of darkness on its exit journey in a 12th passing.

The 18 Planets Nibiru Collects Uranium From
Including Earth.  The focus is on the symbol in the centre, also in ‘How Nibiru Collects Uranium’, using the Vanguard.

  A Sequence of Events
This circle is depicting the sequence of events enacted by the Elementals and Guardians to return our Moon back to its rightful place in our solar system.  Our Moon is a fragment of a planet called Maldek, now the asteriod belt.  Maldek was first tractored to this solar system from the Vega group, and then destroyed by one of Nibirus asteroids.  As Nibiru passes on its exit, the moon will be hooked onto Nibirus tail, and tractored back to the asteroid belt, where a healing can begin.

Nibirus Path as it Approaches the Sun

  Earths Ascension Cycle  – A Window of Opportunity to close non-ascending doors.
Every 12th passing by Nibiru, facilitates major seismic and societal  upheavals.
This is construed as a ‘window of opportunity’ by the spiritual realms.
To stay solely on the Ascension path is very difficult – there are activities and responsibilities that prevent many from focussing upon Ascension.  This crop circle is depicting the 6 main ‘doorways’ that distract, of which the times of cleansing will resolve for every individual seeking Ascension.

6. THE HARMFUL ENERGIES.  The reptilians have forced electrical and nuclear upon Humanity.

Spiritual Evolution is through taking direction from the Spiritual Realms, this requires ones sole attention.
It is through this window of opportunity that this attention will (a) keep the spiritual seeker safe and (b) keep ones attention solely upon ascending.

  Nibiru Tracking up the Front of the Sun
There are 7 lines and spaces, these are depicting 7 weeks from the time Nibiru turns around the sun,  and the absolute deadline for house modifications and  Preparation, for the times ahead.

  Keeping Humans in Fear
It will be through non-disclosure, or spin and lies, that keep the human in doubt and confusion.  This in turn keeps the subtle body field unbalanced, and the human stays relatively unconscious and in separation.   Being unconscious will bring forth the most fear.

  Nibiruan Beacons/Implants Being Activated – by Nibiru tracking up the front of the Sun.  Every human has reptilian implants.  Some are akin to beacons which enable somesort of conditioning or mind control.  These specific ones will be activated by the presence of Nibiru.
This is a symbolic pictorial view of a beacon, in reality they are nothing like this.  Some have long cords entwining the form, going into the brain,  and some have keeper implants, over the top with clamps and pins.
Use visualisation to detect and remove your own.

  Distorting the Truth
The left hand distorted key-hole means ‘occupied’.
The curved line around this symbol means ‘squatter’
(a normal ‘key hole’ means ‘dwell’)
The entire crop circle is rough – distorted.  The visions will be a distortion of the truth.
The eye is depicting partial incomplete vision.  The visions will be incomplete because of the reptilian interference.
Many humans will be visioning symbolic visions of Nibirus coming, however the reptilian interference will be stroking and flattering their host into believing something very opposite.  For some who have this conceit, through an etheric flattery of a reptilian, will be the ‘oracles’ – ‘masters with great vision’ – who will be given a voice to circulate their incorrectly interpreted visions.

Nibiru will Darken the Suns Rays
And will partially obliterate the Sun for many months as it passes on its exit route.

  The Coordinates for Nibirus entry into this solar system.  The coordinates are in the small and large dots.


Miscellaneous (Habilitation)

August 24, 2009


The Preparation, Habilitation and Re-Habilitation is not the time to be alone – for either gender.
Single persons will be led to their ‘ascending partner’ or Beloved.   This is ones true spiritual life partner, where personalities match and no compromise is necessary.
 Whether you know this person or not, there may be karma to clear to pave the way for the meeting for a new resonance to happen.  For some, it has been karma that  has kept you from being orchestrated to this other.
This information is for both heterosexual and homosexual persons/couples.  All love is Divine in the eyes of The Tao.

Note: It is karma that prevents humans from manifesting their reality, AND  prevents many humans from being led to their one true love. 

Earth is ascending into a magnetic DNA structure, and ascending beyond disresonant DNA structures and geometries.
There are many species that will not be ascending due to their disresoant DNA structure (that came from somewhere else).  Some species are being sponsered by Earth species, and these are the species who can convert their DNA to crystalline.
Those species that cannot, will become extinct.  This will be by way of disease, through the internal structure breaking down.
Seed and bulbs for the re-habilitation, are to be ascending species.
Food for storage and use, will only be ascending species.

Cotton is the only ascending plant for fabric and thread.
It is pointless creating a magnetic environment when the human is surrounding their skin with a harmful geometry which  polys/tetra fabrics are.
Ascending plants for dying, will also be known, for dyes to be stored for the creative soul.

If one has never sewn a thing in their entire life, then a new adventure is emerging

Easy-as patterns will be made available to download and store.
Many commercial patterns can be adapted to easier understanding and sewing.  Most commercial patterns are adhering to a demand from ‘fashion’ and  haute couturie designs – this demands a perfect finishing look, which no longer will be necessary.

There are manual-operated sewing machines on the market.
Many old types of sewing machines can be converted to a manual operation
By bolting on a special type of handle onto the wheel. Thereby making it a manual operation.
This will be shown on the Heart forum

Loose, cotton, pyjama type clothing is advocated.
No heavy fabric clothing such as jeans, or patched clothing.
Even though jeans are often cotton, they will take too long to dry inside.

Celebration ideas for storage  will be included – as this will be a necessary practise to keep up spirits

Womans Issues:
Some big-breasted women find being bra-less too uncomfortable.
There will be rough patterns for Bra cum camisole designs for home making , available to trial on the Heart forum site.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ through secretions in the wall of the vagina. 
Underwear is a necessity, not an option.
Skimpy bikini designs are uncomfortable for many.
G-strings which appear the most logicol answer to minimal clothing, are also uncomfortable for many.
There will be a few practical designs on the Heart forum, to trial and experiment for comfort and fit  (and attractiveness – this does not have to be sacrificed for ‘practical’ – as most women like to wear attractive underwear.

Obstetrics & Medical Emergencies

August 24, 2009


Knowledge – Information – Wisdom.
Knowledge of everything is available to humanity by way of Ascension.
Ascending means a close communication with the upper dimensional realms, who DO know everything.

The Ascending Initiate no longer requires a doctor, teacher, or a governer of any kind – because they are being taught how to be ones own doctor, teacher and governer.  The Elementals will supply the answer to every question.

There is nothing that cannot be answered through a vision or through the Communing Systems Charts.
Although vision is THE ultimate in communing and understanding.

All advice, direction or wisdom will be given by the Elementals on how to proceed with any emergency of anykind.

Ascending plant products posted on the Heart Forum for all antiseptic applications.

Obstetrics and New Born Nursery Wisdom from the Elementals, will also be posted on the Heart Forum.
New and innovative methods, and addressing any birthing abnomalities.

Childrens Activities

August 24, 2009

Ideas and Materials to collect

This will be a very large section on the Heart forum.
For the infinite ideas to suit a variety of childrens interests – and the range of ages.

All ages of children will be ascending in this period – so their  communion  with the non-physical, will also be established at this time.
This is expected to be a very interesting time for these youngsters, as their spiritual guides will be assisting the parents to keep the children occupied, happy and for a new consciousness to emerge for them.

Food (Habilitation)

August 24, 2009


Drying – Pickling – Canning – Fermentation – Earth Bedding
Sweet and Savoury Preserves.
Chutneys, Pestos, Sauces, Syrups,  Dressings.

Bread making

Pasta making

Recipe ideas with sprouted seeds and fermented foods.
Vegetarian cooking in general

Cake – cookies/biscuits – sweet making

… and what we do when we run out of cheese  x

Hygiene Methods & Practices

August 24, 2009


New innovative ideas from the Elementals are coming forth on this Hygiene issue.

Plant derivatives and substances for cleaners and antiseptics,  will be trialed from the Heart forum site.

It will be these new ideas and recipes, that will help conserve the water.

Food (Preparation)

August 24, 2009


The methods for preserving food are

* Canning – bottling in glass jars or bottles, by heat-  Fruit and vegetables.
* Drying – a commercial dryer is advised to dry the bulk ingredients in a relatively short time. Fruit and vegetable. The dried vegetables can also be ground up to make stock base.
* Pickling – in sweet or herbed vinegars.  Generally vegetables
* Preserves – Sweet and Savoury –  such as Jam, Pestos, Sauces, Syrups
* Fermentation – Vegetable and some fruits
* Earth Bed method – A new innovation from the Elementals. See Heart forum for directions for trialing.

All Bulk storing of dry goods,  will be in metal containers – drums – with fitting lids.

Sprouting.  This will be the main source of fresh vegetable matter.  The majority of plants can be sprouted.  Learn the ascending species, for the correct seeds to be collected and stored.
Growing:  A couple of plant species will grow in minimal light.

Note:  No mushroom growing, because of spore contamination.  Although spores can be purchased and stored,  for growing in the re-habilitation.
Mushrooms for storage must be canned or dried.

Toilet & Waste (Preparation)

August 24, 2009

TOILET AND WASTE A composting toilet will be purchased and fitted Purchase one that will be adaptable to battery operation. (it is the little fan that makes this system so successful) Because everything to be considered waste or disposal, is going in this system, it is desired that everything in the home be a natural substance. This waste will be invaluable for the first gardens. (i have not used the word ‘organic’ – as organic in modern day terms still has electrical geometry). Toiletries and personal cleaners and House cleaners, will be new concepts brought forth by the Elementals. For minimum use of water. Food and other waste material, will all be natural substances.

Water (Preparation)

August 24, 2009


If the house does not have an outside water tank, then one must be purchased – and filled.

If the house has a tank, be sure it is filled before March.

If the tank is pump-operated, then another method must be used to access the water.
By a hose from the tap at the bottom of the tank, into the house, with a ‘tap’ fitting on the house end of the hose.

The top of the tank where incoming water feeds in,  is to be shut off.  Make sure no roof water can get into the tank.
As any rain will be polluted.

House Preparation

August 24, 2009


The house will be inland, and one will be guided by the Elementals to the exact house that is meant for you.

It is suggested one rents, and borrows the money for the neccessities and modifications.
All lending institutions are expected to fail, and monies will not have to be re-paid.

The only requirement is that the roof be gabled, rather than a flat shed type roof, as the outlet of the stove chimney will be in the roof area (not outside the roof).

The outside fumes and dust will be poisonous,  and the sun obliterated for a few months, so it will get cold.

Foam or old foam mattresses are to be cut to fit every window and door  and secured firmly in place with boards.  All doors the same, there will be no opening of doors in this period.

 Air vents will be by way of hoses.   4 cm (2 inch) diameter hoses from each room going into the electrical metre box outside the house.  The closed metre box is sufficient to filter the dust that has the poisons.
If the metre box is an open affair, build a cupboard around it.
Pull out all electrical switches and electrical wires and thread hose conduit from the room through to the box.

At first it will be dark outside, overtime this will clear to a yellow colour – the pale yellow colour is the indication of safety.  Checking is by way of a special little exit way constructed in the side of the house
This hole is to be made in the side of the house/wall area, approx 1.5  metre or 4 feet above ground level.   Big enough for an adult to crawl through, and made secure by a hatch door, similiar to a pet entrance.  This type of entrance is the safest for the quarantine.
The ultimate checking of safety to fully emerge, will be through the use of a pendulum.

The Sliding and Breaking up of Earth causes the dust, that may half bury some homes.
Marker strips with arrows are advised to indicate when the slide has started and stops.  The Earth crust sliding may be over  2-3 weeks.  This sliding maybe imperceptible in some areas, and an indicator is necessary as it is when the ground stops sliding, the dust starts to fall. 
Beside the hatch outside on the wall – place a large strip of something with an arrow at the bottom, near the ground
On the ground place a similiar strip with an arrow – aligning both arrows  – as per a 90 degree angle (house arrow will be pointing down, ground arrow  will be aligned and pointing towards house arrow).

The Combustion  Stove is for all heating and cooking.
A central area is preferred for this stove.  The chimney ducted into the ceiling and attic/roof area.

Estimate the correct amount of wood to be ordered, cut and stored inside the storeroom or a room for the wood.  Do not pile it up in the store room, or stack it against a wall.  Stack it in tidy, narrow rows.  To prevent rodent infestation.
An estimation of wood used per 24 hours,  can be obtained from the stove dealer. 
This stove can be dampered during the sleep times, to use minimal amount of fuel, yet still be alight.